House of Superfamily

Welcome to House of Green
We are a foodie house. We live to eat and we eat to live a healthy life. We are the maker of Goodness. Goodness of Organic and Natural food affair.
We trust indigenous ingredients more, and believe native super millets, grains and cereal based food can nurture our body much better than Insta-ready fancy food.
We stay far away from chemicals. We use three-layered packaging bags to keep the food fresh and safe for you without preservatives.
We use machines, customized and made in SS316 grade which is usually used for pharma industry, for utmost care during food preparation.
We are simply Purity and Honesty!!


These are the keys helping to lock and keep intact the values of the House.


Powerhouse of nutrients

No artificials

Energy booster

Easy digest

Healthy heart

Happy blood pressure

Levelled blood sugar