Our Story

Our Story

Today, when I prepare food for my child, I get besieged by n number of questions like is he getting enough nutrition, what pesticides, chemicals, additives this food have. Such questions never crossed our mind when we were young. From our childhood to today, what changed that?

Today we have come where food became all about beautiful Instagram pictures. Much polished pulses and grains, shiny and attractive fruits, party-ready fresh vegetables! We don’t know how it was processed to get that appearance and unnatural taste and we were too busy to give a damn about it. We ate food which was processed, injected and showered with harmful things and didn’t care much. Now when I see increasing health problems and its association with the food we eat, I felt to stop right here, and rethink about our attitude towards food.

So, we at House of Green, are rolling up our sleeves for bringing you a magical box which came directly from the fields, grown without using any pesticides, and prepared without chemicals. We are a family who care for honest and pure food. Currently we offer a range of basic flours, ready to cook mixes, and ready to eat porridges.

If we can’t change our busy work schedules and hectic lifestyles, we can surely make it better with organic and healthy food. Organic, delicious, nutritionally balanced, time saving, and healthy food is all that we need for us and our beloved, and House of Green is here to serve you right.
- Dip Nalawade.

The Founder:
Dip Bhavsar-Nalawade,
I belong to the clan of mommies whose life took U-turn after a child birth. I am an engineer, BE in Instrumentation (University of Pune), M.S in Biomedical Engineering (University of Strathclyde, U.K), and PGD in Embedded Robotics (University of Pune), a classically trained percussionist, and an avid reader. I was working as a Patent professional in a law firm. In 2016, my son was born and I wasn’t myself anymore. I quit my job as a Patent Associate from a law firm and devoted my all time for my son. During this break-time, I was obsessed with good food- organic and nutritious. I was incessantly striving to prepare healthy and tasty food for my kid which laid the the foundation of House of Green. My mother-in-law who is a dietician by profession was a big support during the product development process that still continuous. I believe that better nutrition in unadulterated form will take us towards a healthier tomorrow.

The Storeroom

We store our values and ideologies here. We store them, restore them, create and recreate them. Once you see them, you will understand why we cherish our values and ideologies.

Natural and Honest

Our food avatars are totally made naturally. We like it very honest and hence believe to transfer that honesty through our Members. The more we are near nature, the more it is nurturing. More natural, more organic. So pure, so sincere

Spend Time with Each Other

Our House offers a variety of Ready to Cook avatars. This Ready to Cook range requires less time to prepare and that of, without losing any nutritional value. It, hence, offers some spare time to spend with your family. Who knows, you would also find something exciting together as we did!

For Everybody

Are these food avatars available only for particular people? NO. They are for everyone in the family. They are healthy enough a person having problems with blood sugar level or any ill person can enjoy them with ease. Where elders look for more health benefits, kids enjoy the innocence of food. We are both, for everybody.

Cook Well, Cook Easy

No idea of cooking? OR Tired of cooking? No more worries. Our food avatars come with minimum or no cooking process. Just mix it with whatever you want. Eat it, drink it, cook it. Have them as you want. Surprise your mom with easy recipes. Delight your wife with what she deserves.



Ingredients used for our food avatars are organic. They don't consume any chemical while their growing and after-grown stages. They are chemical-free, and therefore, they possess no harm to our body. Also, they are less processed. Well, we all know a healthy body harbours a healthy mind too.

For Healthier Tomorrow

Generation Next follows our footsteps. Then why to lay unhealthy path for them? They deserve natural and healthy lives. They need to be nurtured right from the womb with all the goodness of love, care and chemical-free food. When we start organic living today, with each day, each positive step, and change, we will walk towards healthier tomorrow.